Process Control

Pump Station Control and Communications

Water Treatment Plant

Chlorination Control and Communications

IIOT / Monitoring

Cloud-Based SCADA

Citect SCADA - Solar Farm

Utility SCADA

Solar Farm HMI and Monitoring

Wide-Area Telemetry

ClearSCADA Configuration and Development

Substation Automation

Substation Control and Monitoring

Australian Control Engineering (ACE) is a SCADA & Control Systems Engineering & Technology company which has been delivering turnkey projects, providing packaged automation solutions and maintenance support to the local communities. We solve our clients’ problems by providing them with timely asset data through our innovative control & remote monitoring systems. Our solutions enable end users to monitor and control their equipment remotely, which will significantly lower business’ operation and maintenance cost.

Our domain includes Industrial Communication, SCADA Applications & Reporting, IIoT enabled Cloud Solutions, Process Control Systems, E&I Field Services and Maintenance, Control Panel Fabrication and Installation, and Control Systems Engineering.

ACE solutions are crafted with scrupulous attention to details. Explore our state-of-art, high precision solutions custom created by the AC team. Each project implemented offering solutions to exactly client’s problems. 

Australian Control Engineering offers a wide assortment of solutions to suit any requirement. Discover the broad selection of ACE’s solutions to find a perfect combination of quality of work and customer experience.

All Australian Control Engineering solutions are developed for our existing clients with utmost care to ensure exceptional quality of work, such high standards naturally restrict our project capacity and, at time, the demand for our services outpaces this capacity. Therefore, the availability of certain engineering services may be limited. We always encourage our new clients to contact us as soon as they have a need to ascertain our availability.


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