When choosing between a server-based SCADA and a cloud-based SCADA platform, consider the following:

1. Security: Consider the level of security required for your system and the security features offered by each platform.

2. Interoperability: Examine what communication protocol is to be used to communicate to the existing field controllers and instruments.

3. Scalability: Determine whether you need the ability to easily scale your system up or down, and whether a cloud-based or server-based platform would be more suitable.

4. Cost: Compare the costs associated with each platform, including initial setup and ongoing maintenance.

5. Reliability: Evaluate the reliability of each platform, including the availability of support and disaster recovery options.

6. Accessibility: Consider the accessibility requirements for your system, such as remote access and mobile compatibility.

7. Customisability: Evaluate the level of customisation available on each platform and whether it meets your needs.

8. Integration: Consider the ease of integrating the SCADA platform with other systems and devices in your organization.

9. Technical expertise: Assess the technical expertise required to set up and maintain the platform, as well as the availability of training and support resources.

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