Build Partnerships

Your industry partner Australian Control Engineering (ACE) is an industrial automation service and innovative IIOT solutions provider for utilities, i.e. Water, Power and Transportation.

A great organisation takes a team of brilliance, as well as a motivated individual. It takes an overriding commitment to client results, as well as the purest of passions for the craft of engineering. ACE consists of a group of prominent SCADA & Control System Engineers and technicians under the supervision of vastly experienced project managers. We work closely with our clients in partnership and deliver the best outcome for our clients. We have a proven record in the Telemetry, Automation and Controls Industry.

At ACE, we build the best experience for our customers and our community, and we do it as one, integrated, supportive team. ACE is a market leader in utility SCADA that are applicable across multiple industries. Our goal is to bring digital transformation to your organisation. We are your industry partners.

This can involve in creating SCADA standards, designing of a new water infrastructure, distributed electrical system, oil & gas pipeline and traction power of a railway system. With our headquarters based in Perth and office in most state capital cities in Australia, we are providing our customers with a variety of locally supported products and services as your industry partners. 

Our credentials are impressive. If you’d like to see our recently completed projects, simply visit the project page on our website: Case Studies. We tick the boxes: Solutions, Expertise, Delivery and Value for Money. Rest assured when you are working with our accredited team of professionals, we are your industry partners.