Build Your ACE Career

In today’s world, we all want to build a career and be successful. Even more so when you join Australian Control Engineering. You will grow from good to great through the dedication and commitment of our leaders who serve our company, teams and community.

Committed to continuous learning and improvement, ACE is well-known for bringing the deepest and broadest thinking to bear on customer challenges, which is unique in an industry as niche as ours. Visit Our Focus for our business direction.

Step into any office, workshop or customer sites around the country, and you’ll see our empowered, passionate people, working with energy and inspiration towards a clear goal. You’ll see professionals stretching their limits, learning new technologies and applying new insights to customer challenges. And you’ll see a set of motivated, focused people from diverse backgrounds, working with another set of diverse experts across, up and down the business, inventing, innovating and optimising.

What’s more, ACE offers a stable and rewarding career choice as an equal opportunity provider. We promote a performance driven work environment that encourages you to pursue your goals as either Engineering specialists or Project Managers.

We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which our staff are empowered to develop entrepreneurship skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

The known challenges are:

    • Maintaining quality
    • Completing tasks on time
    • Learning new knowledge
    • Developing leadership
    • Growing communication skills

The benefits you would enjoy include:

    • Training / Coaching
    • Long lasting friendships
    • Generous remuneration
    • Workplace and community recognition
    • Never be bored

Build Your Career.

If you are an Engineer with a relevant qualification(s) or a business person, and have work rights in Australia, let us know what drives you. We would be thrilled to help and hear you out to achieve your goals.