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ACE strives for quality and excellence, seeking to improve our services through learning from previous projects. No matter the task undertaken, we will provide professional automation services to deliver SCADA and Control System solutions to our clients.

The following case studies provide our clients with an insight into how we approach our projects, but also how we adapt and overcome challenges. Our experience throughout Renewable Energy and Utility sectors allows for second to none automation, fulfilling client requirements and setting the standard within the industry.

Recent Renewable Energy Projects:

ACE is committed to improving the renewables sector within Australia. We design, develop and commission communication & control systems for renewable energy projects.

Recent projects include solar farms, hybrid power generation plants and mini-grid power supply systems. The solar farms we were involved in ranges from 5 M Watts to 200 M Watts.


Gullen Solar is located in New South Wales in Australia. It's a 50 M Watts solar power plant that is attached a wind farm . ACE provided communication and control system design, programming and commissioning services. ACE also provides SCADA equipment including PLCs, IP camera, network switches. Part of our services also include programming and commissioning of weather stations and fibre optic network design, plant control system configuration and commissioning , remote alarm monitoring system set up and post commissioning support

DGPV is located in Western Australia. It's a 1.5 M Watts solar power plant. ACE provided communication and SCADA HMI design, programming and commissioning services. Part of our services also include programming and commissioning of SCADA automation reports through emails.

SCADA HMI, PLC and RTU configuration, programming, testing and commissioning in Broome

Recent Infrastructure Projects:

We design, develop and commission communication & control systems for infrastructures projects. Our experience allows us to deliver second to none automation services across the infrastructure industry.

Recent projects include scheme SCADA upgrade, SCADA communication backbones and  SCADA obsolete equipment replacement for water, wastewater, oil and gas and energy industries.


Recent Infrastructure Projects:

The upgrade of the Horizon Power - Marble Bar Power Station control system is necessitated due to the existing ABB based flywheel energy storage having reached its end of life with the PLC is no longer supported and new replacement parts are no longer available. The existing Generator Control System (GCS) will be replaced with a ComAp based control system platform integrating with upgraded SCADA infrastructure: redundant data concentrator RTUs, redundant layer three IP networking infrastructure and redundant CitectSCADA servers. ACE has been engaged to carry out the upgrade of the SCADA system portion of the project. The SCADA upgrade scope of work including the change of the Generator control system platform.

Dampier Substation (DMP) and Karratha Terminal (KRT) are currently connected via a 19 km single circuit 132 kV transmission line. Client has proposed to replace the aging line infrastructure. The new line installation includes an OPGW which makes the microwave link between the two sites obsolete. This will be cut over as part of this project. ACE has contributed to the overall result of this project be conducting complete and thorough reviews of all works carried out. This included all internal reviews of Drafting before being sent out to client to enable complete and correct drafted to minimise any back drafting due to any error from our side. For all relevant site works ACE kept in good communications with the client representative and local site owner/operator to keep them informed of scheduled dates and the works being carried out with plenty of notice. This communication was continued and strengthened whilst on site with regular and consistent updates to the client. All the planned and site documentation work packs were compiled, with copies given to the local client site owner before the end of each block of site work. This helped to keep the client happy with what work was planned to happen and what had been completed, with their own internal systems being able to keep an initial record of the works until final documentation was sent.

PLC, RTU, HMI and communication design, programming and commissioning

PLC, RTU, SCADA and Communication design, programming and commissioning

RTU upgrade and commissioning for 65 sites across Goldfield and Agriculture regions in Western Australia. 4G and satellite communication panel supply and installation

RTU upgrade and commissioning for 85 sites across Perth metropolitan area NextG and satellite communication panel supply and installation.