ACE believes that getting updated with the most new technology is necessary to maintain the leadership. Providing smart utility solution needs smart team who can accept and apply the advancements happening in the field of automation and control systems. We are ordained with such enthusiastic team. Many of the fellow competitors in the market are aware of the innovations but we apply those providing the best smart solution for our clients making us a tough competition. We work closely with the university researches and we accept the advice for introducing the new innovation. One such innovation is Artificial Intelligence. This is a powerful tool which can change the world. As the world is getting automated, we are becoming the creators of transformation. Nobody questions the fundamental shifts brought about by artificial intelligence (AI) in the long and short terms, especially as the economy continues to shift more and more towards more automation. There will be an ever-increasing demand for data science practitioners who can act as the bridge or hybrid between the needs of the business and the data, technology, and mathematics as the world continues to evolve towards a more knowledge-based economy with rising automation and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. The rapid change in technology forces the world to adapt into new ways. ACE has foreseen this change and we are ready to lead the movement. Our team is building strategies for automating the industrial processes with less human intervention. For making this happen, the application of AI and Data Science is relevant. We are looking forward for the projects which are in demand for the application of AI mainly related to agriculture, renewable energy, and transport services.