Why is innovation and sustainability important in business?

We believe that innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. That’s why we have created our own unique growth strategy.

Whilst focussed on smart utilities, ACE designs its growth in the following two areas:


ACE is predominately an Operational Technology service provider. We take advantage of innovation in 2 ways:

Firstly, by constantly researching the latest technological applications available in the marketplace. In addition,  by encouraging our employees to think outside the box for clever process solutions to problems. Furthermore, our team is building strategies for automating the industrial processes with less human intervention. To make this a reality, the application of AI and Data Science is required. We are looking forward to more projects needing AI in water, agriculture, renewable energy and the transport sectors. Thus, providing smart utility solutions requires a team who can accept and implement the advancements in automation and control systems. It appears from our experience that many of our competitors are aware of these innovations but are not acting on them. Our confidence in recommending and demonstrating these advancements is what sets us apart.

We want repeat business and ACE has never lost a customer. We keep receiving invitations to return time and time again. In short, we’re getting gratifying feedback that our work is exceeding our client’s objectives. This is the best kind of metric we have for measuring our success as an innovative company. Rapid changes in technology are being embraced by progressive companies, giving them the edge. We work hard to test new technologies to make sure they are fit for purpose. That can provide proof of concept for our clients, so they are comfortable incorporating the best equipment into their port folios. Additionally, the adaptation of quality, cutting edge technologies developed globally can make the difference to our customers. By keeping them competitive, cyber safe and removing the dangers of having obsolete and out of support equipment and services.


ACE has been taking on WA Water Corporation projects to upgrade the SCADA technology for a portion of the 113 wastewater treatment facilities spread out over Western Australia. The Water Corporation are committed to the sustainability and climatic resilience of our cities and towns and so are we. The effects of climate change drying up the water supply in our dams. In addition to, the ongoing population growth of WA exacerbating both the reduction of available water and the increase in wastewater processing requires smarter devices. Improving how the control and automation of water treatment and conveyance is accomplished can hugely benefit the environment. Developing programs that can intelligently optimise existing assets to boost reprocessing of waste. By reducing the frequency of pipe fractures in the water network and use smart algorithms to reduce the impact on the environment.

Optimising the way data is obtained and analysed allows the Water industry to make educated decisions on how to operate their network to gain efficiencies. For other clients chasing a net zero goal, the more intelligent devices that can be installed to give up to date data can make all the difference. ACE has projects to achieve just that and to add renewable power generation wherever possible. Examples include transitioning from traditional gas-fired and coal-fired energy to bio-mass and solar sources. We can gauge our success at environmental sustainability by the amount of repeat business we receive. When we help our clients reach their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals, particularly those related to loss, carbon minimisation, and waste reduction, we know we are acting appropriately and at the appropriate time.