As the demand on for water is ever increasing, we have become more innovative, creative, and holistic in the way we design and engineer SCADA systems. Since 2014, we have had a great working relationship with the West Australian Water Corporation. For this client we completed a series of projects that enhanced over 400 water chlorination and wastewater assets throughout the Southwest and Great Southern regions of WA. In some instances, large companies can outgrow their original passions and become about their ‘bottom lines’ introducing ‘red tape’ and ‘inner circle’ to their workforces and business partners. ACE has purposefully remained a private run, family company since its inception a decade ago. Our team all know one another well and maintain a friendly, cohesive, and supportive family of professionals with high capability and no red tape. It is important to us to keep the passion and enjoyment alive and encourage the sharing of ideas and knowledge throughout our office. Our altruistic leaders are very approachable, who believe in ACE’s vision and wants to see everyone involved reach their potential and above all enjoy the journey. We believe that our customers should be treated like family. Our goal is to provide them with the best customer service experience in the industry.