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IIOT Gateway

IIOT Gateway

IIOT Gateway Telemetry Device for Tank Level, Solar Arrays, Temperature, Wind Direction Monitoring, and More
4 AIN, 4 AOUT, 1 DIN, 1 DOUT

HART 5, HART 7, Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII
Embedded 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE)
Class 1 Div 2, -40\u02da C to +85\u02da C
152.4 mm x 127 mm x 74.6 mm

Replaceable Battery with ~2 Year Life

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All-in-One Remote Monitoring Package

Everything you need for SCADA \/ Remote Monitoring in a Simple, Easy-to-Install Package

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Say no to complex and time-consuming engineering development and hardware integration.

We challenge the notion that industrial control and monitoring must be complicated to implement by development packaged solutions that are powerful, innovative and simple to use.

ACE’s products are being used locally and nationally by existing clients to monitor, control and automate their systems with countless applications in industries and businesses

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