Your Wastewater Infrastructure Deserves Better Solutions

As water increasingly becomes a previous commodity, we have become more innovative, creative and holistic in the way we design and engineering SCADA for wastewater systems. That is where we come in, supporting and enabling our clients in planning, designing and implementing ultra-efficient and sustainable water SCADA systems. By having us in your team, we are able to substantially lower your project risks and speed up your project execution process. All this will ensure successful completion of your project in budget and on time.
ACE is a market leader in supply of control and automation technology solutions to the water sector in all corners of Australia, having delivered over 600 diverse solutions across Australia, including the integration of water control systems to multi-million-dollar infrastructure upgrade, and migration into the future proofing SCADA networks. Using our knowledge chain, ACE delivers certainty and assurance in the control, security and management of water infrastructure assets and processes include:
A selected examples of projects/sites we delivered are as follow:

  • Water Treatment Plants

  • Chemical Dosing Plants

  • Water Major Transfer Pump Stations

  • Booster Pump Stations

  • Wastewater Pump Stations

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Pressure Sustaining Valves

  • Flow Control Valves

  • Regulating Valves

  • Butterfly Valves

  • Pressure Regulating Valves

  • Tank & Reservoirs

  • Surge Vessels

  • Compressors

  • Water Bores

Mains Water Transfer Pump Station


Water Booster Pump Station

Water Tank

Water Pressure Regulating Valve

Water Pressure Sustaining Valve

Water Regulating Valve

Butterfly Valve

Water Flow Regulating Valve

Waste Water Pump Station

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Water Metering Station

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