At ACE, our focus is on the precision of our products and services. To guarantee the results in everyday operations of your automation systems, we subject all of our designs and development to a series of exceptionally rigorous reviews and tests after they are produced. Over time, the performance of your SCADA & Control Systems can be impacted by your operation and maintenance. At any given moment, our technical personnel can perform tests to ensure that your systems still meets the industry standards and, if necessary, carry out upgrades and optimisation.

In order to deliver the best outcome for our clients, we focus on your need. To supply the fit-for-purpose technology, we build strategic alliances with the global market leaders in SCADA & IIOT space. We include partners into our technology Ecosystem.

We use leading technology to enable digital transformation for organisations who embrace new ideas and also indulge quality. We execute projects practically and efficiently whether it’s designing a new water infrastructure, distributed electrical system, remote monitoring of an oil and gas pipeline, process automation of a mine site, or a nation building infrastructure.

To benefit from this service, simply entrust your SCADA & Control Systems design and implementation to ACE.

Our Vision

To be a market leadership in utility SCADA & Control Systems Engineering


Our team thrives to provide assurance in everything we do

Customer Focus

Customer comes first, we focus on solving customer’s problems

Environmental Awareness

We help raise environment awareness by doing the right thing