Leadership Team

In the area where Capacity, Capability, and Culture meet, our leadership delivers fast growth in business for ACE but also for our partners. We have a strong leadership culture with the capacity and management to capture the optimal outcome way before the competition does. Together we set a very high standard for the rest of the market that is proven to be beneficial to our clients. All this enables us to claim that ACE is the best of the best in what we do.

Leadership Australian Control Engineering Pty Ltd

Aidan Montague

Director – Marketing

B.Eng Structural, MIEAust

Aidan Montague has more than 25 years sales and marketing experience with a unique engineering, technology and internet background. He also has extensive board experience (as both Chair and Non-Executive Director) on both ASX listed and private companies in Australia. Aidan was instrumental in the establishment and growth of the Australian arm of the internet/communications global giant, Cisco Systems. He has held various senior roles with Cisco Systems internationally.

Leadership Australian Control Engineering Pty Ltd

Leana Jonker

Team Leader, Finance

CPA, B.Accounting, M.Taxation, 

Leana Jonker is a very experienced financial manager who has been undertaking finance and accounting work for various businesses since 1996 nationally and internationally. Leana is highly skilled with corporate accounting systems. She has worked in the water and power industries since 2014, carrying out finance and account management and audit.


Yu Jordan Zhao

Director – SCADA 

B.Eng Electronics, M.Eng Electrical, FIEAust, CPEng, NER

Yu Jordan Zhao has over 18 years’ experience in SCADA operation technology and maintenance applications across multiple sectors including renewable energy, water, wastewater, oil and gas and environmental conservation in Australia.
Yu has a wealth of knowledge in many technical areas including operation technology network design, wide area SCADA architecture design, hosted SCADA servers integration, RTU, PLC, radio, cellular and satellite communications. His goal is to drive innovation to provide better services and technologies to clients.


Keith Horstmann

Executive – EPC Project Director

Keith Horstmann, former General Manager and shareholder of Verbrec LogiCamms in Western Australia, has extensive experience in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) project delivery strategy, contract strategy, and project risk management. Keith’s business skills help ensure high satisfaction for ACE clients and partners while minimizing project risks. 


Chris Collins

Team Leader, Electrical and Controls

Electrical Contractor Licence Nominee

Chris Collins is a very experienced electrician and engineer who has been undertaking electrical and control system maintenance, control panel manufacturing, antenna installation work for various utilities since 2000. Chris is also highly skilled with PLC, RTU & SCADA systems. He has worked on numerous water and wastewater sites, preventative & corrective maintenance on Utility Wide Supply System for approx. 10 years.