Our Focus

Our focus: When you choose ACE, we guarantee our products and services so you can rest assured you will see results. We do this by spending time understanding our customers operating style and striving to get the fundamentals right first time.

On demand, our family of friendly and capable engineers are available to evaluate your SCADA & Control Systems and provide ways to optimise and/or upgrade to ensure you are meeting and exceeding the industry standards, reduce operating costs and achieve your highest efficiency.

ACE has alliances with several global market leaders in SCADA and automation products to make sure you are offered only the best available equipment for your projects. Before these products are implemented into your ecosystem, we aim to bulletproof our implementation to reduce inherent code creep over time due to regular maintenance and future updates.

We achieve this by making sure our programming style is held to the highest quality with thorough commenting and the simplest but effective programming structure so maintenance staff can easily and quickly fault find in your operation’s ecosystem. ACE also has many quality assurance checkpoints along the way to make sure the delivered engineering solution is bug free and ‘fit for purpose’.

We sincerely look forward to discussing your projects with you.

Our focus

Our Vision

A market leader in smart utilities 

Quality Assurance

ACE uses accredited quality management systems for the engineering

Customer Focus

At ACE, we want to impress you and enjoy your satisfaction for choosing us

Environmental Awareness

ACE goes to lenghts to ensure safety for the environment in which we all live