ClearSCADA to GeoSCADA Migrations

Case Study

Case Study – ClearSCADA to GeoSCADA Migrations

ACE is tasked to perform an upgrade of 1200 sites to GeoSCADA for major water/wastewater utility company, by producing the standard templates, database structure and site instantiation. These tasks are achieved through the use of automation tools and effective template creation based on the robust design guidelines. ACE Engineers coordinate to streamline the deign process by condensing the template quantity through modular designs based on each site type (Water Booster sites, Water Monitoring sites or Radio Repeater sites).

The Master Stations Migration Project successfully converts four legacy SCADA systems to a new design methodology and standard using GeoSCADA. The implemented design standards improve on the existing ISA112 SCADA standards incorporating a grey scale design while utilising colours to direct an operator’s attention towards important or critical information. This aims to remove distractions and only highlight alarms, events, and locations of interest on the GUI.