OT Cyber Security Audit for Cooper Energy, Case Studies

Case Study

OT Cyber Security Audit for Cooper Energy, Athena Gas Plant

Australian Control Engineering (ACE) was engaged in January 2023 to undertake a comprehensive Operational Technology (OT) cyber security audit at the Athena Gas Plant in Victoria, owned by Cooper Energy. This audit was particularly significant given that the gas plant was a recent acquisition for Cooper Energy, and as such, increasing visibility and understanding of the assets at this facility was a primary objective.

One of the standout outcomes of this audit was the increased asset visibility it provided. Our comprehensive review enabled Cooper Energy to gain a clear and detailed understanding of the state of their OT infrastructure at the Athena Gas Plant. This increased transparency is invaluable, as it not only helps in identifying potential vulnerabilities but also aids in future planning for upgrades and preventive measures.

Our security plan, following the audit, incorporated a detailed risk register that flagged key cyber risks. It also provided explicit guidelines for the physical security of assets, software upgrade recommendations, and protocols for secure backup storage. Importantly, we delivered revised OT network diagrams at the completion of the audit, which serve as a vital resource for the efficient operation and maintenance of the networks at the Athena Gas Plant.

By providing this in-depth analysis and actionable insights, we contributed to laying down a robust foundation for Cooper Energy’s future operational and cyber security strategies for their newly acquired facility.