Buckland Hill Reservoir Valve SCADA Engineering

Case Study

Buckland Hill Reservoir Control System Replacement Design

The Water Corporation Buckland Hill Reservoir Remedial Works Project was initiated after a site review found that the valves and associated pipework were in poor condition and required replacement. New inlet pipework and valves were installed along with a new control philosophy to allow for precise pressure and flow control of water into the reservoir.

As part of ACE’s component of works, the existing obsolete RTU equipment was decommissioned and replaced with a Schneider Electric SCADA RTU and IO expansion module, communicating to a central ClearSCADA system. All functionality provided by the existing RTU was retained as per the requirement. The RTU was configured to communicate with the reservoir’s Water Treatment Plant to allow for remote monitoring and control of that system. Furthermore, the PID control logic for the new inlet valves was programmed in the RTU.