Australian Control Engineering (ACE) was proud to represent at the ECU Careers Fair with an expo of SCADA and Control Systems for the students and soon to be graduates looking to the future.  We met with many talented young men and women wondering what their next step beginning a career in the electrical/electronic/mechatronic world was going to be.  Our friendly staff were on hand to answer any questions and give some insight into what this exciting next chapter holds for them.

There is a lot on offer for graduating engineers in Australia that can prepare them for employment in the resources and services industries both domestic and global.  The Reserve Bank of Australia lists food & beverage, machinery & equipment, petroleum & coal, chemicals and metal products to be among the most prominent industries in our country.  Manufacturing and agriculture, among many others, are also very important to our economy.

The Australian government is sponsoring a manufacturing strategy to the amount of $1.5 billion to boost our manufacturing industry to keep us competitive and self-sufficient in these difficult economic times and create more job opportunities for our next generation. See link below to get more information:  Executive Summary | Department of Industry, Science and Resources

Entrepreneurial opportunities in Australia are ripe for the picking in renewable energy, electrification of transport, defence, robotics, health care, business development and many more. There is something for everyone.  These areas will require skills in research and development, design and maintenance and an entrepreneurial spirit.

So, you’ve chosen to go into automation and control in some fashion, you’ve made a wise choice and will be pleased with the plethora of opportunities ahead:

SCADA, Control Systems and Automation covers a vast sea of knowledge:

  • Project Management
  • SCADA Database design
  • Instrumentation devices and Calibration
  • Cabling and construction
  • OT Network design
  • Telecommunications
  • Electronics
  • HMI Development
  • PLC programming
  • Automation and robotics
  • Maintenance
  • Work planning
  • Analytical Skills
  • Problem solving and troubleshooting
  • Globally recognised resume

ACE knows our youth have the capability, talent and vision to take on the world in this way and it starts with nurturing exceptional skills in our next wave of engineers and encouraging innovation.  The youthful enthusiasm and dreams of ‘making a difference in the world’ is promoted highly at ACE as talent and skill plus imagination is our country’s ticket to a bright future. 

Why align with ACE?  The current Australian engineering landscape is competitive.  At times it can be difficult to get a foot in the door without experience.  SCADA, control systems and automation are now ubiquitous across every industry in some way and a great gateway career to enter Mining, Oil & Gas and Utilities.  The latter of which ACE specialises in and has a great reputation.

Let’s be honest, all businesses need to turn a profit to survive and thrive, it’s just the way market capitalism works. However, in some instances large companies can outgrow their original passions and seemingly become about their ‘bottom lines’ introducing ‘red tape’ and ‘inner circle’ to their workforces and business partners. 

ACE has purposefully remained a private run, family company since its inception a decade ago. Our team all know one another well and maintain a friendly, cohesive and supportive family of professionals with high capability and no red tape. 

It is important to us to keep the passion and enjoyment alive and encourage the sharing of ideas and knowledge throughout our office. You will see this when you meet with our very approachable and altruistic leaders, who believe in ACE’s vision and wants to see everyone involved reach their potential and above all enjoy the journey.

ACE has put themselves forward at the ECU Careers Fair to offer a home to those with potential and a strong desire to continue learning.  ACE is a home where you will be mentored to learn the basics and then evolve your own unique engineering style in a safe environment.  

For those engineering graduates wondering what your next move is, please feel free to contact ACE to discuss either work experience or a permanent position.  We look forward to hearing from you. Tell us about yourself: