ACE wants to know how engineers about working within the industry.  If we can improve your conditions, then we would love to take the opportunity with your feedback.  This is a family run company, and everyone is considered family. 

Low income – ACE endeavours to remunerate fairly knowing that wages haven’t been keeping up with inflation in Australia for everyone.  We want engineers to be focused on the work and not feeling that they are underappreciated.  If you feel underpaid and you’ve been working hard to skill up and consistently delivering on your work and you feel it has gone unnoticed, please feel free to approach us.

Not enough ownership at work – ACE will not micro-manage you.  You will not have people watching over your shoulder all the live long day.  We encourage employees to develop their time management skills in a safe and supportive environment however assistance can be offered when requested or if a worker looks like they need some help.

Being institutionalised – not enjoying your job but feeling that you have been treated as a number at the company so long that you would not be hireable at another company? Or that you are just too comfortable doing the same thing over and over.  At ACE you will be encouraged to maintain and ever expand your skill set so you will be bored with your work and also have confidence in your abilities.

Bureaucracy – the feeling of having one’s hands tied at every turn due to red tape and company policies that do not allow dynamic thinking and acting.  This can stifle work efficiency and job satisfaction where good ideas do not make it into our engineering.  ACE has a ZERO tolerance for ‘Bureaucracy’ and welcomes and encourages employees to develop better ways of doing things. ACE wants to grow its people to become next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Elon Musk.

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