Delivering Boutique Services

ACE is more than a SCADA & Control System engineering service supplier. We provide engineering solutions that are a work of precision and focus on customer experience, bespoke to you, by our team of highly skilled engineers and designers. Whatever your ideal operations be, bring your unique version of digital transformation to reality with ACE!

ACE customer advisers will be pleased to guide you through our design and implementation process. You will enjoy client experiences that are unique in the industry. Our solutions span across the entire life cycle of your SCADA system, whether to a new site or an upgrade to the existing system. We incorporate Industrial Communication, SCADA, PLC and RTU design, development, testing and commissioning.

We have a proven record of all the completed projects across water, energy and oil & gas industries. Our highly skilled and experienced team is dedicated to serve you and your best interests. ACE has a track record of being very customer oriented and look forward to building an on-going relationship.

Our people with real-project experience can tell you about the successes we created for our clients. We put the customer first.