Welcome to our guide on mastering GeoSCADA Extra Table Queries! This step-by-step tutorial will help you enhance productivity in GeoSCADA by effectively using Extra Table Queries. Let’s dive in!

  1. Launch GeoSCADA: Begin by opening your GeoSCADA software.
  2. Explore Extra Table Queries: Get acquainted with GeoSCADA’s powerful feature, the ‘Extra Table Queries’. These are SQL queries you can access directly from your right-click menu.
  3. Access Your Database: Make sure your GeoSCADA database is up and running. Navigate to the site where you plan to execute your Extra Table Queries.
  4. Utilize Right-Click Menu: Right-click on the selected site to see the default menu, where you’ll soon add your custom queries.
  5. Import Registry File: Next, import a pre-prepared registry file to add new queries to the right-click menu. Once done, restart the server to see these changes.
  6. Check New Queries: After restarting, you should see the added Extra Table Queries in the menu.
  7. Create New Queries: Learn how to create new queries from scratch, by first coming up with the query, and then adding it under ‘Extra Table Queries’ in the configuration.

Whether you’re new to GeoSCADA or looking to optimize your usage, this guide to using Extra Table Queries will come in handy. Start mastering GeoSCADA today!”

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