The length of time required for an operation technology (OT) cyber security audit can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the size and complexity of the network, the number of assets and systems that need to be evaluated, and the specific requirements of the audit. However, in general, an OT cyber security audit can take several weeks or even months to complete.

Here are some of the factors that can influence the duration of an OT security audit:

1. The scope of the audit: A full-scale audit that covers all aspects of an organisation’s OT security posture is likely to take longer than a targeted audit that focuses on a specific area of concern.

2. The size of the organisation: A large organisation with multiple sites, a complex network architecture, and a large number of assets will take longer to audit than a smaller organisation.

3. The level of detail required: The more detailed an audit, the longer it will take to complete. For example, an audit that includes manual testing, such as penetration testing, will take longer than an audit that relies only on automated scanning tools.

4. The resources available: The number of personnel and the level of expertise available to conduct the audit will also impact the duration of the audit.

It’s important to note that while a cyber security audit can be time-consuming, it can also be an important step in identifying and mitigating security risks. Additionally, once the audit is complete, the organisation can establish a regular schedule for performing audits, which can help to maintain the security of the OT network over time.

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