Yu Jordan Zhao was invited by Dr. Octavian Bass to deliver a guest lecture at ECU School of Engineering. Yu Jordan Zhao was honoured to present SCADA, control system and industrial communication engineering technology to ECU’s students who were doing instrumentation and control engineering unit.  ACE graduate also presented to the student the engineering project delivery process that ACE built over the year.

As a professional engineer, Yu pioneers in utilising innovative methods in solving engineering problems across utilities industry segments including Water, Power, Oil & Gas and Transport. Yu solved the skill shortage issue by halving time required for ramping up engineers for the projects. This ensures the continuous operation of the water utility for Western Australians.

Yu has significant expertise in SCADA communication networks including DNP3, OPC-UA, Modbus, IEC 60870-5-104 and IEC 61580 (refer to anther video on Modbus vs DNP3: https://www.acectrl.com/modbus-and-dnp3-what-is-the-difference/). He provides utility SCADA & control systems and substation automation services across all major platforms including Schneider, ABB, Allan Bradly, Siemens, Honeywell, and GE. Yu has developed his own hosted SCADA platforms using Cellular, Satellite or Cloud solutions which has been demonstrated to many consumers as a remote monitoring & control solution. 

Yu is passionate on promoting the engineering profession. He believes that engineering excellence is multi-angled – where the engineers should be recognised only for their technical capability but also for their professionalism, and leadership. That is the reason he has been sharing his experiences and knowledge with fellow engineers, industry partners, and clients. He has been doing this through “on the job” mentoring, public education, public speaking, and engineering videos on social media. Yu’s goal is to enthuse young people to enter the engineering profession and to be involved in ongoing education and training. So one day, they can become successful and inspire many others.