Why you need the future proofing automation solutions in Mining

Mining sites are tough environments – they are high pressure, isolated, potentially dangerous and they often operate around the clock. In these sorts of environments, there are risks for things going wrong.

That is why you need smart, secure automated control and safety solutions that promise certainty. Every dollar you plan to invest in automation will pay itself off and generate much more healthier cash flow for your business in future. More importantly for prolonged positive cash flow period before the control system requires upgrading, the automation and control system needs to be built future proofing. 

With extensive experience in the resources sector, in mining and minerals ACE delivers exactly what you need, precisely when you need it not only for now but also for future.  

What we can do for you

ACE has a proven track record in automated solutions that help to improve efficiency, quality and safety.  

From exploration, extraction, processing and refining through to the end use and transfer to market, we offer expertise at every step of the production process.

ACE provides PLC, SCADA/HMI, DCS and RTU solutions for all sectors, together with sophisticated wired and wireless communications systems. 

Our local team is proud to count some of the biggest names in resources among our customers.

When it comes to the challenges your business is facing in SCADA & Control Systems, ACE Automation can be the best services you can get in the market. 

Process Automation 

Dewatering Controls

Tailings Monitoring and Alerting