Power Systems and Substation Automation

Why you need the best automation solutions

The reliable delivery of electricity is vital to sustaining our population. But with Australia having some of the toughest environments in the world, securing reliable delivery means careful around-the-clock monitoring and management that can only be achieved through SCADA & automation solutions.

In recent years, ACE has emerged as an experienced and valued supplier to the Australian power system industry in particular substation automation using ABB MicroSCADA and RTU560/540. Our delivery model and specialist team support projects in electricity fields with innovative system integration and technology.

What we can do for you

Power System sector has an increasing need to remotely manage and monitor facilities, particularly those in isolated locations. Many of equipment used in these facilities are decades old, and may have only undergone minor upgrades over their lifetimes. ACE can provide major upgrades to these facilities, supplying end-to-end monitoring, control and substation automation integration services and solutions to ensure system reliability.

We can also supply innovative fit-for-purpose solutions to any challenge, no matter how big or small the job is.

With extensive experience across the power system sector, we’ll always deliver an exceptional outcome.

Substation RTU Programming and Development

Substation SCADA Design and Development

Substation Automation Factory Testing

Substation Automation Installation and Commissioning