Recycling Plant Automation

Benefit – Plant Automation Means Higher Productivity and Lower Safety Incidents.

End-to-end factory automation can double or even triple production compared to plants that use only a few automation systems. Not only that, but equipment can often be kept running for longer periods of time with comparatively little impact on the maintenance outlook.

Challenge – Lengthening Lead Times for Automation System Design, Development and Commissioning

Due to lack of hardware, the automation program developed based on design often work only to a certain level, requiring lengthy amount of time for site commissioning and trouble shooting. This means that the manufacturer has to push lead times beyond what has been forecasted. Happy customers are now forced to accept delays or refunds, while goods already shipped are stuck in a supply chain the manufacturer has no control over.

Solution – In-depth experience aided by the simulations of factory processes for testing and commissioning provides extra assurance for the plant operations.

ACE has a proven track record in recycling plant automation. From design, programming and testing to the system commissioning we offer expertise at every step of the factory automation and remote alerting of your plant.

To provide assured results and fast site commissioning, we use simulation tailor made for your automation system. We test the required functionalities in the simulation to ensure they are working prior to the plant commissioning.

Factory Automation

Automation Design and Programming

PLC and RTU programming provides effective automation solutions to ensure production line efficiency, reliability, and robustness. ACE specialises in process control design aimed in providing various personalised system solutions to fulfill client needs and guarantee customer satisfaction.

recycling plant automation

Factory Automation Product Line System Simulation

System simulations enable accurate real time representations of system performance and assists in evaluating software before system integration. This allows effective stress testing of system infrastructure without the real-world consequences. Allowing the early identification of faults and shortcomings, while improving system robustness.

recycling plant automation

Human Machine Interface and Reporting

Our SCADA solutions provide clients with remote monitoring and reporting of factory operations through a flexible Human Machine Interface (HMI). The effective reporting and alarming of processes are essential to any factory floor to monitor system data and states. See our remote IIOT and SCADA solutions for more information.

Recycling Facilities Australian Control Engineering Pty Ltd

Automation Production Line Commissioning

ACE offers factory control system upgrades to boost operational efficiency and reliability for automated production lines. Aimed to improve overall product quality at a shorter turnaround interval by reducing system variation, error, and environmental footprint.

recycling plant automation

Products Stockpiling and Inventory Management

Stockpiling and inventory management solutions provide companies with the flexibility of storing imported materials or manufactured products. The stockpile information is readily available to the operators for their work as well as to the executives for their decision making.