Renewable Energy Plant Control Systems Integration

We design and deliver true Microgrid Control Systems from well-established and supported control platforms. Microgrids are a special type of DER that can operate on and off the grid. We provide design and integration for Microgrid SCADA to help manage the energy production, charging and discharging to an energy storage system (ESS).

We design and deliver remote monitoring and control solutions from standard, well-established and supported control platforms. DER systems provide renewable energy close to the point-of-use, via any combination of diesel generation, battery storage facilities, and distributed generation methods such as solar or wind energy.

Site Communication & Controls Design and Implementation

Since the inception of our business, we have been designing and delivering communication and control systems for solar farms whose generation capacity ranges from 10 M Watts to 100 M Watts . This makes us a trusted control systems designer and integrator you would get in Western Australia.

We also design and deliver wide area remote monitoring and control solutions to solar farms. This provides you with alarms callout, alerting and remote supervision to your solar assets from a distance.

Solar Farm Weather Station


Solar Farm

Wind Farm

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