The Revolution in SCADA

GeoSCADA by Schneider Electric isn’t merely another SCADA software; it revolutionizes the SCADA domain. Originating from ClearSCADA, this dynamic software has graced the industry for a significant time, marking itself as a paramount supervisory control and data acquisition platform. Its prowess becomes clear with its support for an impressive 37 protocols. Industry stalwarts like DNP3, Modbus, and OPC join the rapidly emerging MQTT, empowering microcontrollers to showcase data instantly.

Dominance in Australia

Australia has widely embraced GeoSCADA. Serving as the backbone for countless mission-critical systems, its dominance shines, especially in the water and utilities sectors. Numerous states in Australia stand by its reliability for their essential systems. Schneider Electric, the powerhouse behind GeoSCADA, earns this trust through unwavering commitment. The software’s robustness and versatility stand out, and the company ensures users access comprehensive support documentation. Moreover, their dedicated engineers promptly address any arising issues.

Why Choose GeoSCADA?

Opting for GeoSCADA by Schneider Electric goes beyond its seamless integration adaptability. Its intuitive interface welcomes even SCADA novices, guiding them with ease. Schneider Electric’s innovation ethos not only promises users periodic updates but also a continual stream of groundbreaking features. With GeoSCADA, systems always align with the latest industry strides.

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