Green businesses have been growing in popularity because they help conserve the environment of the planet. At ACE we use smart utility solutions to conserve the environment.

Promoting Sustainability

ACE is a strong supporter of sustainability and that is one of our main visions. We become the part of the green movement by getting involved into some of the projects that ensures sustainability. Water and Wastewater SCADA facility that we provide is one such sustainability upholding project. There are 113 wastewater treatment facilities spread out over Western Australia. They play a crucial role in ensuring the viability, sustainability, and climatic resilience of our cities and towns. Due to the effects of climate change on water supply and temperature as well as the ongoing growth in population, the role of wastewater treatment plants is starting to shift.

Additionally, automation creates a need for manual data reading in the field for a significant amount of data. Given the size of WA, if one have to travel to a remote area of the Wheatbelt to read a flow metre, that is diesel that might be saved by being electronically picked up and sent back to base. Thus, we embrace nett zero in the same way. And in doing so, we make it possible for those places to be powered remotely, which we’re currently doing with the Water Corp by supplying solar and battery systems that would not have otherwise been able to be used for measurement. We don’t need to drive out there and read the metre because we can install a solar system, a battery system, an intelligent metre, use 4G networks, and send it back to base.

ACE Service Offer

The Australian Packaging Covenant Organization (APCO) has been tasked by the Australian Government with meeting the (voluntary) goal of having all Australian packaging be recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable by 2025. It’s a lofty objective, especially given that producers are not now required to select recycled plastic over new plastic. ACE is involved in the implementation of recycling plants by helping through its automation side. The Plant Automation ensures higher productivity and lower safety incidents. End-to-end factory automation can double or even triple production compared to plants that use only a few automation systems. To provide assured results and fast site commissioning, we use simulation tailor made for automation system. We test the required functionalities in the simulation to ensure they are working prior to the plant commissioning. PLC and RTU programming provides effective automation solutions to ensure production line efficiency, reliability, and robustness in the recycling plant.