ACE offers intelligent services and support to large utilities and other companies that require in house utility installations such as water, power and transport. To our customers we strive to make the ACE brand reflect quality, consistency and dependability.  We want our professionalism and dedication to shine through so our clients come back for more.  They should be comfortable in the knowledge that we as a team represent vast utility experience in automation products and services and are a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all their automation needs.

 For our ACE staff, the aim is a feeling of family, safety, encouragement, comfort and support.  We want to retain our highly experienced staff so we can consistently deliver great service to our clients. We also want to attract great new talent to the fore to push forward into this niche engineering arena.

Above are items modelled by one of our senior engineers, Dr Matthew Wood, that display the ACE logo.  We hope that when people see the ACE brand, they know it means they will be engaging and working with cutting edge technology and industry practices plus a no fuss business engagement. 

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