10 Months ago, Australian Control Engineering was entrusted with a significant utility SCADA upgrade project. Our team was under the enormous amount of pressure. We had limited resources.

Within 5 months, our team successfully commissioned over 50% of the facilities. With remaining sites, 85% has been developed, tested and ready for site installation. At the same time, we managed to reduce the overall commissioning time for each site significantly.

Our team’s diligence is one of the keys to this success. However, more importantly, our innovation and automated delivery process help drive up our productivity while maintaining the quality of work.

I believe “10 times” principle for validating a star business: whatever a star business does, 10 times the value should be generated to its client. This requires the business to focus on its vision and innovation. The star formulas shall be applicable for the critical components: the solution, the commercial, the delivery.

Above all, a clear long-term vision is essential, as it will define and set the context for enabling future innovations to solve client’s problems.

After that, skills & drive are important, as we need people to implement the formulas. Engineers are to deliver a project; Managers are to run a company; entrepreneurs are to design a company, instils its culture and drive the growth. “Any organisations need to have people with the skills relevant to its business, rather than turning people into general managers” by Richard Koch.

At last, here is another quote “The manager is a hero in the west, but an imposter. The concept of management has proved a huge distraction (in creating a star business). The management side of running a company is trivial compared to the importance of being commercial or entrepreneurial, or having a particular specialist skill”, Andrew Campbell.

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